The Digital Marketing MasterClass is designed to bring you up to speed, and increase your confidence in digital marketing and media quickly.
• Understand and prioritise strategies and tactics that can supercharge your business and brand across multiple digital channels
• Participate more effectively in meetings, discussions and decisions about digital marketing areas outside your expertise.
• Make confident and strategic decisions on working with digital channels.
• Identify leading digital marketing strategic models to link/compare to your current practices and highlight potential areas for development.
• Analyse various digital media-inspired strategies and their results.
• Identify smart digital tools and resources to assist with your ongoing work after this workshop.


This course is suitable for business and technology professional, leader, director, executive, CIO, CTO, CDO, CFO, COO, CMO, and CEO from any industry.

A digital marketer is like a conductor. Many players, a lot of shiny noisy instruments and a big audience. It means understanding the nuances of the new web paradigms and how they interact. It’s about knowing about how each of the social and digital channels operate and interact with each other and the synergies that creates. It raises questions. How different should my Facebook post be to my Twitter or Instagram tactics. What priority should I put on email marketing? How does my content marketing help build my search engine optimization? One big challenge is keeping up with the high velocity of change.

Marketing is often not taken as seriously as it could be by organisations. How marketers are perceived within their own companies often has a direct impact on the relationship and success of the agency partners. 73% of CEOs think that marketers lack business credibility while on the other hand, 63% of marketers think that they are making a real difference to the business, but cannot quantify or prove this.

Finding time for everything. Creating fresh and meaningful content for each audience. Getting executive or client approval. Having great ideas but a lack of resources. Switching up the voice and tone for different channels. Simply developing a strong and distinct voice. Tracking progress. There are a myriad of obstacles the job can throw our way.

Falling in love with your clients’ problems is a great approach to business. With technology’s increasing influence on consumer behavior, however, your clients’ problems are getting more complex. And now, so are yours. To help them out, agencies and media companies are turning to digital solutions. But if you were like most of our partners, you’re probably encountering a list of challenges that make it difficult for a smooth transition.

ANYONE who has a side hustle or project who wants to leverage digital marketing channels to launch of sell their idea or concept.


Module 01: Digital Marketing and Media Strategic Principles
Before heading into digital marketing examples, ideas, products and tech, the course will bring you ‘back to basics’ with core strategic digital marketing models, setting a framework for the learning ahead. This module we will review multiple models and see their impact on digital marketing.

Module 02: Digital Landscape and Trends
Understand the changing trends in digital media landscape is fundamental to creating great digital marketing strategy and outcomes. We’ll refer to select research across the industry to paint an unbiased picture of the current landscape. Case studies and best practices shall be discussed.

Module 03: Owning Owned Media
Take a look at the two dominant strategies of owned media production and learn helpful tools and tricks to optimise your website. With these insights you’ll be able to refine the impact of traffic and audiences across your owned platforms to achieve your marketing goals.

Module 04: Content Marketing Strategy
Content marketing has long been a buzzword and many brands are making it key to their marketing strategies. This part of the course will outline the major opportunities and challenges that content marketing provides. We highlight this through case study analysis, reviews of strategic models and helpful marketing tools and on-screen demonstrations.

Module 05: Social Media Strategy
Social media strategies can be grouped into common strategies that are applied over and over again across the industry. We boil down every social media strategy into convenient steps allowing you to benchmark your strategies.

Module 06: Managing and Buying Digital Paid Media
Through a unique approach, get insights on the structure of digital paid media so you can increase your confidence when dealing with paid media buys. You’ll be more confident spending your budgets, and pushing back on your media agency as you’ll have the inside knowledge on managing your digital paid media investment.

Module 07: Programmatic Media Priming
Watch and learn as we outline the two major programmatic processes and delve into the current landscape so you can finally understand this often complex topic. Through the session we will review the major players and outline multiple measures for how you can protect your brand when purchasing programmatic.

Module 08: Data and Analytics
Learn about and witness firsthand both the communication and commercial opportunities popular analytics programs can provide marketers. You’ll also learn how you can automate this process to save you stacks of time and energy.

Module 09: Marketing Automation Work
Marketing automation is potentially one of the most underrated digital marketing opportunities available right now. Participants will walk through a live demonstration, creating an automation strategy and developing an outline for their marketing automation program.

Module 10: Measuring and Presenting Your Return on Digital Investment
We get to the bottom of measurement and reporting issues around attribution & vanity metrics by cutting through the mountains of crap around reporting. Build your confidence – so that you’ll never fear analysing a digital media report again – by learning a simple tactical process to digital marketing and media reporting.

Date And Time
Wed, Oct 23, 2019, 9:00 AM –
Thu, Oct 24, 2019, 5:00 PM Singapore Standard Time Singapore Time

Marina Bay Sands Singapore
10 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore, 018956