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A blog is an informational page that provides a home for content directly related to your business, or engages topics of interest to your market and target demographics.

Companies use blogs as an essential part of their digital marketing strategy to humanize brands and to drive new traffic to their website.

Having a blog as a business definitely helps you to increase traffic to your website while building the all-important relationships with customers who grow to rely on your site and your business. Check out Blogging For Business class schedule here.


Running a blog allows you to tell both search engines and customers what it is that your business does and how it adds value to people who visit it.

Content that is related to your services, designed to add value, and generated on a regular basis does a lot to drive your rankings in organic search.

With the application of a few SEO techniques, you can make sure through your blog activities that the search engines know where your business belongs in the SERPs.


Educating the search engines, and thereby placing higher in search results, will give your business more visibility to your potential clients and customers, and allow your website to be a much more powerful tool for your marketing communications. Being able to engage with your customers directly is always beneficial, and a blog allows for comments and communication in a more detailed and focused setting.

With a blog, you have the opportunity to convey deeper and more meaningful information, and customers will likely have questions or responses to offer.


If your blog is responsive to their needs and replies quickly to any concerns they may have, it shows that you are invested in the conversation your business wants to start within your marketplace. If you do any kind of content or influencer marketing, you may have noticed that bloggers and influencers aren’t keen on linking to your homepage.

If you’ve found yourself scratching your head as to why, remember that bloggers and influencers are their own brands, with their own audiences.

What does linking to your homepage do for them?

Most of the time, it just lets their audience know that you’re trying to get them to market for them.


While that’s certainly a reality, partnerships between businesses and bloggers or influencers have to be mutually beneficial, or they will be handcuffed to failure. These people have built their audiences based on the value they add — just as your business does.

Generating fresh and valuable content in a company blog is one of the best ways of showing that it has something to offer, both in terms of attracting influencers and in terms of ensuring that your marketing campaigns with them are effective. Every new client relationship starts with a conversation, ideally with a cuppa.

The biggest single factor in how we start a project is really simple. We listen.

Above all we’re ‘people people’. We’re at our best when we get to know our clients and their businesses over a period of time – we’re not in it to make a quick buck and then disappear, we aim to develop long term relationships that develop and prosper for all those involved.


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