Hemispheres Foundation

Hemispheres Foundation is a not for profit/social enterprise run by a team of professionals and volunteers who provide educational programs and information to schools, community and individuals to promote awareness and informed personal actions concerning environmental and health issues.

Hemispheres Foundation seeks to connect youth and the community with nature and the natural environment:

  • By linking local concerns to broader environmental issues
  • Provide interactive programs for young people that are educational, hands on and fun
  • Through our well researched nature magazine “The Hemispheres / Hemispheres Kid”
  • Supporting humanitarian and social projects in Vietnam, Cambodia and South Asia.

The Foundation has been actively undertaking outreach environmental programs in schools and the community since 1999.

We are the first to pioneer and design environmental camps for youths locally and have since collaborated with Singapore Polytechnic to launch Singapore’s First Carbon Footprint Calculator in 2009.

Environmental Programs:

  • Talks on Environmental and Public Hygiene (SWCDC)
  • Home AWaRE Audit (SECDC)
  • Green Home Audit
  • Environmental Ambassadors Camp

Other Programs:

  • HPB Student Health Ambassador
  • Student Excellence Program (Study Skills)

Schools in Singapore

  • Temasek Polytechnic
  • Singapore Management University
  • National University of Singapore
  • Bedok North Secondary School
  • St John Brigade Zone 8
  • Duane Morris & Selvam LLP

Hemispheres Foundation Pte Ltd
26A Jalan Haji Salam
Singapore 468810
Website: https://www.hemispheresfund.org

Kindness Mart Pte Ltd

Why Kindness Mart?

Through the sale of groceries and basic necessities at our e-commerce platform, Kindness Mart, we will be able to support the various disadvantaged groups in our community, such as the physically or mentally challenged individuals or elderly and low income families.

The proceeds that we generated will go to reimbursing the fees in areas such as:

  • medical escort services,
  • medical fees,
  • handyman services relating to electrical and plumbing issues,
  • bedbugs fumigation services
  • tuition activities for children from underprivileged families
  • and many more...

Through our experience on ground, we have come to realise that these are the areas lacking support, especially financially, which is why we hope to offer a sustainable long term solution through Kindness Mart.
Your support is paramount in helping us achieve our goals. By shopping with us, you have helped to play a big part for charity without making any additional donation.
Kindness Mart will be posting photo updates every month on our Facebook page to inform everyone on the activities supported. Receipts for the reimbursement fees will also be posted on our page
We hope that through our mission, we can address the urgent needs of the various disadvantaged groups in our community and inspire others to do likewise.
YOU have the power to MAKE A CHANGE. The world needs YOUR KINDNESS. The world needs more PEOPLE LIKE YOU.


Phone: 69542081 /  9366 6528

Email: info@kindnessmart.com


Visit Websitehttps://kindnessmart.com/

Billion bricks

We are a one-of-a-kind non-profit innovation studio that uses design as our primary tool to solve one of the most pressing global problems: homelessness. We design and provide shelter and infrastructure solutions for the homeless and vulnerable that are scalable and sustainable.

Our solutions create opportunities for homeless families to emerge out of poverty. Our approach empowers local communities to replicate our solutions on their own and reduce dependencies on support, creating ownership and pride, and unlocking untapped potential for change.

Official Website: https://www.billionbricks.org


At Jaga-Me, we believe that healthcare should be a social good – it is a basic human need, and should be available to as many people as possible.
This grand vision is achieved as the entire Jaga-Me community – employees, JagaPros, partners and supporters – unites to overcome barriers to accessible health through innovation and collaboration.

Official Website : https://www.jaga-me.com

Dignity kitchen

Since its inception in October 2010, Dignity Kitchen is Singapore’s first hawker training school for disabled and disadvantaged people. In our modern society, the handicapped and elderly are face greater challenges when competing in the job marketplace. We give on-the-job training and place our graduates in jobs so that they can have hope for better futures, better lives and better opportunities to be successful in their own right.

We operate a fully functional, regular food court that is open to the public. The interactive experience created by the dynamic environment between the public and our students, allows for the enhancement of educational values.

Our mission is "To build and return the dignity to the disadvantaged and disabled through vocation with passion".

Official Website : http://dignitykitchen.sg