K2 Cleaning Pte Ltd

K2 Cleaning Pte Ltd provides central dishwashing services for all coffee shop, hawker food stall and restaurant.

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Address: 38 Woodlands Industrial Park E 1 #05-15, Singapore 757700

Phone: 63652500/97785877

Email: K2pteltd@gmail.com

Imperial Design

We are a design agency in Singapore, providing a wide range of design services. From web design to material design, our team is experienced and able to produce creative and unique works which suit your business needs.

Website Design
Our website development not only emphasizes the attractive layout but also offer several tactics such as SEO, content marketing and social media campaign, to boost your site. You might choose any of them according to your business needs.

Graphic Design
We design good mediums which help to spread your business. From monochrome to colour, from corporate logo to advertising materials, our design works visualize your business and streamline your services presentation.

Packaging Design
We design interesting looking packaging to make your products to be outstanding among others. Our packaging design included good container design, product label design, carrier bag design or any others based on your requirements.

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Logo Design Service

We provide Logo Design Service.

Logos are crucial for any kind of business. Customers recognize the brands with logos.  A well-thought logo design can effectively use a simple icon to leave a deep enough impression on the public.

In an age where everyone must have a website to support their product, service or the company behind it, the demand for a top-class logo has never been higher.

  • A logo is a flag, a signature, an escutcheon, a street sign.
  • A logo does not sell (directly), it identifies.
  • A logo is rarely a description of a business.
  • A logo derives meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes, not the other way around.
  • A logo is less important than the product it signifies; what it represents is more important than what it looks like.
  • The subject matter of a logo can be almost anything.

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Website Design Singapore

We are an IT company registered in Singapore and we are here to solve your technology problem, to provide you with the best professional and quality IT services, to help business go online, build a strong online footprint, start a website, a business blog or social media network to boost sales, get leads, build brands, and to become a premier IT Service Provider to support you in all sectors of the industry.

Does your organization show up on the first page of results in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing? LEARN MORE

We provide:

A powerful website can bring you more customers and build their trust in you shortly.

SEO is a never-ending process, if you don’t invest in it, your competitors will take advantage of it.

A unique logo and banner could impress your customers at first sight and remember your business!

“The future of business is social.” – Barry Libert
Stay with us, and let us create the future together!

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AD Space For Rent

AD Space For Rent. If interested, please call 66797728.

Bliss bridal creation

Bliss Bridal Creations is Singapore's leading one stop bridal boutique. Established 16 years ago, with Mediacorp artist Zhang Yaodong as one of the owners, we have grown to be one of the most reputable and well-known bridal stores.

Our one-stop solution-based services provided are designed to ensure that our couple’s needs are all well-taken care of, allowing them to enjoy a worry-free experience. These ranges from ROM services, pre-wedding photography and videography services locally and overseas, wedding bouquets and even wedding car rentals.


61 Ubi Road 1, #04-06
Oxley Bizhub
Singapore 408727

Tel: +65 6336 8013
Company Website : http://www.blissbridal.com.sg


GPS-Singapore provides strategic sourcing and advisory services to clients on both contract and retainer basis.

Within the medical realm, GPS-Singapore provides high quality non-woven fabric-based medical and surgical supplies such as sterilization wraps, surgical drapes, surgical gowns, surgical kits & packs and protective products at highly competitive prices and customization packages

Company Website : http://www.gps-singapore.com


eco group Singapore

1 Eco Group started out as an electrical and electronic company in year 1978. Their main business back then was repairing electrical appliances and machines. However, Ivan realised that it was time for the company to go further. Opportunity came knocking in 2008.

There was a rise in crimes such as hijacking of goods and piracy. Ivan saw the need of inventory security in companies especially those dealing with exports and trades. He did some research and stumbled upon the secure stamper technology. With a stroke of genius, he decided to venture into this business and together with his knowledge in electrical engineering, he was able to integrate the security technology into almost anything.

Over the next few years, the company grew and its name was changed to 1 Eco Group in 2017.

Alteration & Addition Works

Alteration and addition works, in essence, encompass the renovation of building structures that are already present and existing. Common types of work include restorative works, strengthening of existing structures, changes to roof structures, building extensions, construction of structures such as staircases, canopies, facades and mezzanines. Over the years, 1 Eco Group has undertaken many such projects and delivered more than satisfactory results, with many loyal customers who have seen and know the quality of work we deliver.

General Contractor Services

A general contractor has hefty responsibilities because of the extent of their job scope, integrating many roles into a single entity. If you find it a headache choosing among the different companies offering general contractor services, you will be relieved to know that we also offer a wide spectrum of such services with a dedicated team of responsible contractors who will make sure that from start to finish, service will be top-notch and results presented will exceed expectations. The process of construction will be smooth and efficient, and be completed within the stipulated amount of time.

Air-Conditioning Services

For older air conditioners that have been used for more than 10 years old, it is not uncommon to experience leaking and a weak output, so much that even when you turn it on and set the temperature at 20 degrees, it feels as if it was not turned on at all, and with the notorious heatwaves and glaring sunlight that Singapore experiences, it may likely wind up feeling nothing less of a sauna for you to be trapped in a room with a malfunctioning, weakened air conditioner like that. By changing to a new, modern air conditioner, not only can you save on the electricity bills for the long-term with all the energy-saving models of the present, you can also reap the benefits of a powerful air conditioner that blasts gusts of cold wind even if the temperature set doesn’t go below 25 degrees. If you choose to instead repair the air conditioner because you trust that it can still service you for another few years before it completely breaks down, we also provide services for a thorough repair of your air conditioner.

Electrical & Electronic Works

Electrical works like wiring and electrical extensions are extremely hazardous and dangerous for someone inexperienced to do, which is why you should not take it into your own hands and attempt to do it yourself, and it can result in potentially disastrous situations. It is thus imperative that such works are carried out by a professionally trained electrician, which is a service that we also provide for our customers. You can trust that our electricians will perform the required works safely and precisely for you. We also carry out electronic works, though in lesser frequency.


Have a clogged sink? Wastewater spewing out and flooding the floor with a revolting stench? Find it hard to sleep at night because the constant dripping from your leaking tap is keeping you awake? Toilet bowl unable to flush, clogged up? Situations like these can be distressing and highly inconvenient. Don’t fret because we provide plumbing services and possess a reliable team of professional plumbers at our disposal. We don’t simply target the surface problems, but also the root of the problems because we know how frustrating it can be to see the plumber so often in a month because even after countless attempts to fix the problem it is still not properly rectified. If you require installations, repair or replacements for your plumbing equipment, you can rest assured that we will do all of the above for you efficiently.


Painting can be a back-breaking and tedious job. Why risk your back and spine trying to do it yourself just to save that bit of money? In worse scenarios, what if you don’t have much experience doing it and end up with a shoddy, amateurish result? Keep your back safe, and rely on our formidable team of experienced painters who will work meticulously and get your place painted in record time beautifully with attention to all the details.


We also offer masonry services so if you are trying to construct structures like a building or a home, or even just an additional wall or steps in your house, we can provide you with satisfactory masonry services at highly economical and wallet-friendly prices whilst producing immaculate and gorgeous results.

Security Services

If you require security services such as key installations, we have a trusted group of experts who can do the job for you according to your needs and requirements. You won’t have to worry about security breaches or problems occurring after utilising our services.

Cleaning Services

If you have engaged our services, be it addition works, air-conditioning or plumbing for example, we even provide cleaning services to finish it off for you so you can do away with the tedious mopping, wiping or scrubbing and leave it to our experts instead who are trained to ensure that the area cleaned will be spick and span and sparkling brighter than ever.


Address:Blk 1002 Toa Payoh Industrial Park #05-1435 Toa Payoh Lorong 8 Singapore 319074
Company Website: http://1ecogroup.com/


sales training ELC_logo

Entrepreneur Learning Centre is an education provider for entrepreneurship learning.

  • It provides the know-how to those people who want to escape from their 9 to 5 jobs.
  • It provides practical training in success strategies used by millionaires and partnered with business organizations to provide business coaching and mentoring to help individuals to realize their dreams to achieve the breakthrough in their lives and becoming their own boss.

Like any battle fought, it is important to be as adequately and properly armed with the relevant knowledge and skill sets before beginning a foray into an unknown territory. No one should be running head first blindly with into something that he/she has absolutely no idea of without having any preparations done beforehand.

Success is not attained through complacency or the lack of a flexible mindset, nor is it earned through being sceptical and resistant to learning new things. It is crucial to always be thirsty for new knowledge, always upgrade yourself, and equip yourself with whichever important knowledge that can cushion the impact of possible pitfalls.

Hence, our courses are imperative to attend, and a MUST-KNOW for any novice who has zero knowledge and experience in setting up and running a business to avoid the aforementioned pitfalls and increase the probability of success before entering into a business.

Our Services
  • Empowering EMPLOYEE with ENTREPRENEURIAL mindset
  • Breakthrough all self-imposed limitations
  • Business Opportunities Network
  • Searching and developing of entrepreneurs for business organisations

Address : 10 Anson Road International Plaza #26-10 Singapore 079903
Mobile : +65 9663 0615
Email : raymondlim@elc-entrepreneur.com
Company Website : http://elc-entrepreneur.com


interior design room-id-logo

Rooms I.D is a well trusted interior design company established in 2010.

Led by Founder and Project Director Mr Clarence Low, Rooms I.D provides an intimate and customised service, drawn from the Project Director’s professional certification in Interior Design and years of direct experience from 1999 when he first entered the industry.

With many years of experience and extensive knowledge on contemporary trends in interior designing, Rooms I.D is able to offer our clients creative yet functional design solutions, down to the finest details, aiming to exceed client’s expectations every time.

Today, the company takes on a wide range of projects covering office, retail and residential interior design. Our differentiation from our competitors stem from competitive pricing and a large variety of solutions designed to meet our customers’ actual needs. Our differentiation approach has allowed us to enhance our reputation with our customer base. This has led to a number of returning clients and new clients via word of mouth.

  • Space Planning
  • Gypsum Partitions
  • Office System & Chairs
  • Custom-Made Furniture Wall Coverings & Painting Electrical & Data Points Telephone System (PABX/IP) Turnkey Projects/Reinstatement FSB & Sprinkler Submission M&E & PE Submission

7030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5
#08-40 North Star @AMK
Singapore 569880
Tel: +65 6481 6448
Mobile: +65 9838 3834
Email: projects@rooms-id.com
Company Website : http://rooms-id.com

SIN Cooling Pte Ltd

aircon servicing SINCooling

Globally, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make up 95 percent of all businesses, employ 70 percent of the workforce. SMEs hold the potential to be an engine of growth and employment and are frequently argued to be the “missing link” between growth and inclusiveness.


  • Maintenance & Repair
  • CoilPro Cleaning Services
  • Inhibitor Treatment Solution

Address: 10 Anson Road, #10-11 International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Tel : (65) 8821 2176
Email : info@SinCoolingAircon.com
Company Website : http://sincoolingaircon.com


Mon – Sun: 9am – 9pm